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w211 transfer case removal The problem spot in the driveshaft is the universal joints. Electrical connections to the transfer case. Remove the cotter pin in the nut at the center of the input gear and remove the nut. Adding to the confusion is the fact that a great number of transfer case Figure 3 Input spline count:The spline count on the input is critical because it must match up to the splines on the output Shaft it will be attached to. Applies to: E320 (2004-09), E320 WAGON (2004-09), E320 4MATIC SEDAN (2004-09), E3204MATIC WAGON (2004-09), E500 SEDAN (2004-09), E500 4MATIC SEDAN (2004-09), E500 . Tighten ^ Bolts to 33 N. Front propeller shaft. Replacing the chain and the front case half should, however, be done by a professional rather than a DIY person. That’s New Process, also known as New Venture. Shudders during turns. NOTICE Discard the old front transfer case assembly drain plug AFTER removal. 20-P-1000QB Remove/install balance shaft 30. Item may show light scuffs, scratches or other imperfections as a result of thisbeing a used part. Similar to what rjayl stated above. Carefully record wire pin positions. 08/09/ 28/29 BA28. The prices that are listed only need to be paid once. 676. Step 1 – Get the fluid. The NP241 was used in Chevrolet, GM, Dodge pickups & Jeep Rubicon. Step 1: Take safety precautions. There are four 8 m/m bolts holding it to the top of the transfer case. The buttons will all work. Remove the plastic cover from the actuator, as well as the small metal cover on the other side of it. Model: E350 (W211). This model is chain driven and is provided with both manual and electrical shifting, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge utilized manual shifting. 10-P-1005-01C Inspection hole screw plug Nm 30 BA28. Clean the case and prep for the new unit. 10-P-1008-01C Bolt, vibration damper to transfer case Nm 20 Transfer case complete Number Designation Model Model 4. Sign in to check out. ). Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2003-2009) W211 - Transfer Cases The transfer case is part of the four wheel or all wheel drive system. Transfer Case/Differential; . Caution:Refer toFastener Caution. Opens in a new window or tab. Part 4 of 7: Remove the transfer case output shaft seal. Remove them. Put on protective clothing, oil resistant gloves, and safety glasses. 10-P-0100P • 211, refer to WIS: AR28. Mark a line at the slip yoke for correct re-alignment to the AWD transfer case unit. The main difference is that the NP243 is electronic shift. Asked by LoriAnne11 in Lima, OH on September 21, 2021. Transmission: 5 Speed A/T - 4Matic AWD (722676 06 909111). Both version of the NP231 used in the Wranglers have an over all length that is long for a short wheel base vehicle. These wires must be carefully transferred to the replacement motor connector as described in the next step. Ensure you get a good quality Rebuild kit. Figure 1. Can't find the fill plug. Transfer case shift linkage at the transfer case. Remove the bolts that connect the propeller shaft to the transfer case. Place the transfer case into the neutral position, before removal of the transfer case motor, by holding both the 2HI and 4LO buttons together for about 10 seconds, as defi ned in The new Wrangler (TJ) continues to use the NP231, but the NP231 used in the TJ has a different tail housing that allows the removal of the drive shaft with out losing transfer case fluid. Jack the car up to give yourself space to work underneath it. The NP263-XHD transfer case is a heavy-duty, electric-shift transfer case for a variety of Chevrolet and GMC 4WD vehicles with Duramax Diesel and Allison Transmissions. The OAD 341012 can be found easily. Figure 4. There it is just waiting for you!! Note: Dirt sitting on top of your t-case can fall into the sensor hole when removed. The autoaid diagnostic software is included as a download. Remove yoke with 1 5/16 socket and breaker bar. Refer to Notice. View, print and download for free: MERCEDES-BENZ E320 2004 W211 Manual Online, 442 Pages, PDF Size: 5. On many transfer cases, a loose chain will rub a hole in the top of the transfer case housing, thus there are rebuild kits that include a new chain and the front half of the case. 5. Step 2 – Remove the actuator. Unscrew the transmission to transfer case mounting bolts, using a socket. Ive been running 2wd for around 9 months because the case started to bind up. Thoroughly clean the transmission bore and ribbing of fluid and debris immediatelyprior to installing the transfer case. 100 Safety and SecurityDriving safety systems After hard braking, it is advisable to drive on for some time so that the air stream will cool down the brakes 233 Posts. Remove near output shaft. Step 3: Pry out the drive shaft. If the transfer case will be removed from the vehicle for an extended period of time, you should reinstall the crossmember to support the rear of the transmission. Step 1: Drain the transfer case and expose the actuator. 2) Put jack under the transfer case, NOT the transmission, NOT the crossmember. Disconnect transfers case linkage rod from range lever. Electrical connections at the transfer case. Locate the driveshaft. Cheapest I found for a complete 4494 TC is $1,100 from a company called Proven Force. Year: 2007. Last edited by derian06; 10-15-2015 at 01:28 PM . The link below will take you to the transfer case section for a 2nd gen Dodge Ram Truck. In order to disconnect the rear drive shaft from the transfer case flange, the center support should be unbolted to allow the drive shaft to drop down just enough to move it over to the side. to/2y0O0UD Our Website: http://mech. I am looking for a transfer case for 2004 Touareg V8. 10-P-1006-01C Oil drain opening screw plug Nm 30 BA28. 1. Bolts (122) and spring washers (123) (if used). 00 for 1 liter. Pulled from an S211. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. D4. Give us a call 800-216-1632 and let us help you save time and money! These New Process cases have a circular tag on the rear of the case, near the center close to where the rear drive shaft exits. 10-P-0100I Note: • Reuse dowel pins for transfer case. It also shows you how to replace the power mirror switch, the power seat switch and the power window switch. Step 4: It's now time to pull off the 5 bolts that hold the transfer case on. Negative battery cable. You must be logged in to view this image or video. Skid plate (if equipped). D4c. m (24 ft. Transfer Case Removal Question/ brief DIY I plan on removing my transfer case and replacing all the internals, clutch pack, chain , gears, ect. 28:1 low range. Search in MERCEDES-BENZ E320 2004 W211 Manual Online online. Remove the four bolts on the transmission mount. It is barely accessible through the center console opening. ^ Remove the jack from the transfer case. I think ATF is the wrong fluid for the T-case. Step 7. Mercedes-Benz 722. A. 283 with 113000 miles. 3) Remove silver metal driveshaft shield with the two 13mm bolts. Using a punch and hammer, carefully tap on the face of the seal to help pivot the seal out of the transfer case. If dowel pins remain in transfer case housing after removal (of transfer case), they must be removed and reinstalled into transmission dowel bores. Parts guy told me it was the same thing. 96 MB. The first one shows the removal of the transfer case and the end of the second video shows the installation of the transfer case. I then prepared the replacement case to go back in by putting it in 4wd. Transfer case to the vehicle. Raise vehicle and support with jack stands. Step 1: Remove both driveshafts. Remove the lower engine splash shield held in place with several 8mm screws and note the inner CV joint on the front transfer case. Remove the rotational piece inside the actuator. Be careful when removing these bolts because the transfer case is only supported by the jack. I would not pull it all unless it all needed work. Shift transfer case to neutral. 016) Diesel, 2002, 163 HP Order the required parts simply and conveniently on our auto parts online store and take advantage of our low prices These flaps move and alter the length of the intake manifold runners. Left strut rod. 10-P-1004-01C Oil filler opening screw plug Nm 30 BA28. It is either OAD 341011 or OAD 341012. Dropped my transfer case skid. Mark propeller shaft and yoke for alignment. 20-25lbft to turn a viscous clutch, too loose and it will slip, if it's seized it will create . The Transfer Case - well, now it gets a little more challenging. 10. Cottered nut uses 1-5/16" socket, Nylock® nut is 1-1/4". If the driveshaft seems stuck in the pinion yoke, use a bit of penetrating oil and a long screwdriver or pry bar to pop the u-joint out of the yoke. Remove the nut and washer from the yoke and pull the yoke from the transfer case. It is connected to the transmission and splits power to both the front and rear axles. 159 Posts. Remove the guide pins. Step 2: Grab a creeper, flashlight, and tools for the job. 7. • Remove bolts securing motor to transfer case. Remove the lock-wire from square-headed set-bolt (Some have a countersunk Allen style set bolt) on the inboard end of the shifter pivot-pin. All styles are a 2-speed plus neutral design, with a 1. Usage: the NP231 can be found in Blaze S-Series from 1988-1997, the S10, the . Trans/transfer case are going to get a rebuild. The New Process (NP) 231 transfer case is one of the most common manually operated transfer cases found in all domestic 4x4s except Fords. (Figure 3) 6. Unbolt the 8 bolts that retain the tail housing assembly to the Transfer Case. Here's 2 videos for you. I have the same vehicle 2013 2. Support with safety stands. about 12 hours into removing and replacing four axles and two transfer cases! I'm glad it's done finally! I have a black hole somewhere that one of the nuts for the T-case studs fell into so I need to find one last nut and tighten it down. Having an aluminum case and being driven by a chain. I can hear chain slack and gear skipping when I hammer on the loud pedal. autoaid car diagnostic tools work with your PCs, laptops, or tablets with Windows 7, 8, or 10. Because the input directly connects to the output . Check the picture below for compatibility. We guarantee you that all of our remanufactured transfer cases have been rebuilt using only the highest . Remove the oil cooler bolt from the transfer case, 10mm allen, swivel socket, and lots of extensions: Note the two rubber seals on the cooler, replace later if necessary. NOTE Make sure to drain ALL automatic transaxle fluid and transfer oil BEFORE drive shaft removal to prevent the two oils from mixing. -Needed 14mm wrench and socket/extension to remove rear/front driveshafts. By 2010, the 722. Completion of the 4Matic to 2Matic Conversion. 9 was offered in all models, excluding those with the V12 twin turbo models (S600, S65 AMG, SL600. #4 · Nov 25, 2018. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 5, 2015. Slide the transfer case away from the transmission and lower the jack to remove it from the vehicle. D4b. AR03. Alright. Remove rear crossmember and skid plate if equipped. W210: E200, E240, E280, E320, E430 . The casing is the same shape as the black key and fits the circuit board perfectly. As outlined above, you remove the inner parts of your key and slide them into the new case. Step 3: Remove the downpipe from the o2 housing, by pulling off the 2 19mm nuts and swinging the downpipe off the to driver side. 9) transmission is so common, these service tips apply to a wide array of vehicles. 30-2143-09 1 Cylinder head cover 5 Balance shaft 8 Key 2 Camshaft adjuster 6 Notch 9 Marking 3 Slide rail pins 7 Marking 4 Correctional weight P03. All at low wholesale prices and same day shipping. Transfer case removal install help. Then remove the six bolts securing the transfer case to the transmission. 90-98 used a Borg-Warner 4472 full time AWD transfer case, uses regular ATF. Is it possible for the Transfer Case to go into a neutral position? Mine has been flashing the low range light occasionally when starting the motor and I have been working the button to try to make it change back and forth to keep it from siezing up. The front shaft may be held in by a boot on the transfer case, so . Mount stock diff in bench vise and remove ring gear. To do this, remove the 4 nuts securing your transmission mount to the transfer case skid plate using a 1/2" socket. Originally Posted by rascole. Remove propeller shaft from yoke. The front driveshaft connects the transmission transfer case to the front differential on W211 models. ) A 001 989 23 03 10, my owners manual specifies 001 989 23 03 11. On a TJ, you will need to remove the transfer case skid plate to service the NP231 Transfer Case. 6. With the replacement case in place I started a nut to hold in there. Front . As you know, the primary job of the intake manifold is to evenly distribute the combustion mixture (or the air in a direct-injection . Transmission drain bolt removal. Well, my 4:1 transfer case and F/R Rubi D44 axle swap is complete. Remove square-headed set-bolt. Install the bolts-(1) securing the transfer case to the transaxle and tighten thebolts to 50-Y (37-lb-ft). GM Part Number 88900401, Canada GM Part Number 89021678. Shoved my hand up under it and can feel the actual leaky area (among all the mongy, compacted grime). Drain the oil from the transfer case. Using a suitable tool, release . S. The driveshaft is one piece with universal joints at each end. If your after the clutch, it’s a toss-up. I don't see how it could be accessed from beneath without removing the mounts and lowering it. Figure 2. Remove engine/transmission shield with 8mm bolts. You don't have to remove the bolts, just loosen and slide the shield out. Next remove the bearing races. 2008 MERCEDES W211 E350 4MATIC TRANSMISSION TRANSFER CASE 98K MILES OEM. 4. Disconnect the driveshaft at the slip yoke, and lower the driveshaft from the AWD transfer case unit. The first dealer gave me BG brand 75w-90 for the diffs and BG 75w-80 for the transfer case. Carefully jack up the transfer case about an inch. At each of the cv joints, you will have to remove 6 Torx bolts. Using a pry bar as an extension tool and a hammer, tap the inner CV joint out of the transfer box case. 00:1 high range and a 2. NOTE: On a Blazer/Jimmy there is precious little room to remove it due to the center cross . The NP241 transfer case was manufactured by New Process. Remove the yoke from the driveshaft by loosening the nut and washer holding it in place. Support the transfer case on your trans jack. These videos are part of a 3 part series of replacing the auto transmission on a 2002 Toyota 4runner. 20 worth. If there are any, you will need to replace the shaft . While I was changing out the trans pan discovers that the transfer case appears to be leaking. Place a jack stand underneath the bell housing of your transmission. I went to a different dealer today and this dealer gave me 75w-85 for the diffs and ATF for the transfer case. For this write-up, I'll be referencing a red-fluid 722. Mark the CV joint to flange positions. Support the cooler, up away from the TC, using a cable tie, or rope: Pic shown with TC removed. US $249. All the parts are tested either before or after removal from the vehicle. Our online shop offers a wide range of automotive spare parts for MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Saloon (W211) E 270 CDI (211. How does one go about removing the needle bearings from the front output of the transfer case of a 97 tracker. Bruce W. To determine what kind and how much you need, you can either refer to your owner's manual, call your local dealership, or visit your local auto parts store as they can normally look it up as well. You may need to tie it, mine stayed put. A little bit of oil should come out, and the shaft will remain in place. Remove the 6 - 9/16” nuts attaching the transfer case to the transmission. I see no need to remove the entire pack if the transmission is your target, certainly not if it’s the transfer case. This unit is remanufactured in our South Carolina facility and includes a twenty four month, unlimited miles warranty. (Figure 2) 5. Next, I tightened all six nuts. 3. 4l60e Transfer Case Removal. This system signals an electronic motor mounted to the . For AWD and 4WD vehicles, remove the skid plate from the bottom of the case, and disconnect all electrical connectors and the vent hose. SL65 AMG). We have seen several of these intake manifold failures lately at the shop caused by the air flap that Mercedes-Benz calls a resonance manifold. I used a strong magnet for this. You need the Factory Service Manual (FSM) the removal procedure is on page 21-196 but it too glosses over the specifics of the removal of the linkage. Remove the heat shield off from behind the transfer case, undo the rear drive shaft from the rubber donut joint at the back of the transfer case, drop the rear crossmember, and remove the rear engine mount. My Alldata shows the T-case fluid as "Transfer Case SAE 75W-90 Synthetic. Not sure who is right. This tech article shows you how to remove the door panel on W211 models. There are two bolts holding that bracket. Mercedes Benz E-Class W210 & W211 Series with Gas Engines. CarManualsOnline. The rear is held in by 2 straps with 4 11mm bolts on the rear pinion. The high range is a direct-drive straight-through design which maximizes efficiency and torque handling. View, print and download for free: MERCEDES-BENZ E320CDI 2005 W211 Owner's Manual, 506 Pages, PDF Size: 5. This video shows you ho. Do i need to drop the tranny to remove the transfer case? Any points i. Shift the transfer-case into 4wd low. Do NOT reuse the old drain plug. Locate the yoke on the rear driveshaft. 00 shipping. Transfer case complete Number Designation Model 203. Clean the mating surface on transmission case and remove the old gasket from the transmission . Separating the Model 18 Transfer Case & Transmission (without Warn Overdrive option) Remove the five bolts on the sheet metal power take-off cover on the rear of the transfer case and remove the cover. 10-P-0100T • 220, refer to WIS: AR28. Visually check if for traces of oil on the transfer case. The Mercedes 7-speed transmission was shipped in the majority of models from 2004 through 2016. USE a 2x4 so not to bend the "fins". Note: The shift lever is attached to the t-case via a control cable. Don't overlook this anymore. 4L AWD. I changed the fluid in my diffs and transfer case over the winter and want to do it again now. -Needed 12mm wrench and socket with a few extensions and a swivel to remove the 8 bolts holding the transfer case to the the transmission extension housing. All Ok until today. Press the drive shaft towards to the back of the vehicle, including the front joint. U. Paid $24. Remove the transfer case electro-magnetic clutch. The transfer case is no different, with a number of new units appearing annual-ly. 5 kg compared to aluminum) • Requires aluminum bolts due to: - steel bolts having a different expansion rate - corrosion concerns with steel bolts • Aluminum bolts must be replaced if removed! How to remove COMAND Stereo Radio Unit Mercedes-Benz E320 E500 E350 CLS 500 550 W211 In this article, we will show you how to remove the COMAND Stereo Radio and CD player/changer which is necessary if you are looking to replace, upgrade or install a new head unit (HU). Support the transfer case using a floor jack. 09 ENGINE 272 in MODEL 203, 209 P03. The R&R for the LD transfer case should be very similar. This redesigned case is made to fit the older Mercedes-Benz keys. 20-2156-01 Remove/install Danger! It is located on top of the transfer case, on the right side. Disconnect the driveshaft at the yoke and lower the driveshaft from the transfer case. After rear drive shaft removal, the truck is a front wheel drive instead of AWD, hence the . Once the bolts are all removed, the pan will fall off. Used parts usually have normal wear and all major flaws will be noted and pictured. 9 in an R-Class (V251). Use 8mm Allen socket and extensions to remove all six bolts. This will also allow your propeller shaft to shrink, which will give you enough room to pull out the shaft. I am having difficulty finding the part number that is coorect. . Whole new project I'm gonna need to tackle on my ongoing w150. It is not necessary to disconnect the driveshaft from the transfer case. Remove the three bolts that hold the actuator to the transfer case and pull out the actuator. The driveshaft should shrink and allow you to move it to the side. We had to remove the transfer case the tail shaft extension to access the top-most 17mm nut. One of the issues being a scraping sound that I believe is coming from the transfer case. All of this is a mixture of 15, 16, and 17 mm nuts and bolts. Since the 7G-TRONIC (722. Detailed description of Removal . The BW4472 is a single speed, chain drive, two-piece aluminum cased, viscous clutch type transfer case. Remove or Disconnect 1. Those two bolts are also two of the six holding the transfer case on to the transmission. but if that is not possible any easy methods and part numbers would be appreciated. I did the usual and. I have a 2006 Mercury mariner hybrid. 11. The transfer case is made up of 4 sections bolted together: a range box (used by various companies to make a 't-case doubler' set up to get even lower low-range for rock crawling), the chain case which houses the chain drive to the front driveshaft output, the differential housing, and the output housing. Next, you need to remove the passenger side driveshaft. There's a couple different recommended transfer case fluids depending on your transmission and transfer case combo. STEP 1: This GM type transfer case motor is shipped with a plastic alignment insert which has positioned the unit into the transfer case neutral position. Re: Transfer Case Removal Question « Reply #2 on: Dec 20, 2005, 11:52:45 PM » Remember to drain the t/case gear oil, remove the shifter, speedocable, and 4WD shift light indicator 3. Rear propeller shaft. remove the cable from the side of the tail housing. Remove motor. Pull the transfer case off the transmission. HOW TO REMOVE REPLACE TRANSMISSION SHIFTER ON MERCEDES W211Products used in the video: Panel Removal Tool: http://amzn. You can find any of the part numbers for the transfer case using the part number lookup tool. Unbolt the rubber transmission mount from the case using a 18mm 6 point ½” drive deep socket. It is directly behind the seal and runs on the driveshaft collar. If they are still in place: D4a. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT. Figure 4 Case • Converter housing is die-cast aluminum • Transmission housing is die-cast magnesium (weight reduction of 2. Unbolt and remove the transmission / transfer case brace. Here's the stock compared to the Quaife. Purchased the TC fluid from the dealer (Smith motors in Haverhill Ma. Now I am trying to drop transfer case linkage. D4d. 4. This unit was utilized beginning in 1989. Couldn't get bolts off that are by shifter which doesn't allow me to take bracket off that holds in the transfer case rod. 233 Posts. I would like to be able to remove it without wrecking it. -Needed a 12mm socket to remove 4 bolts attaching to the transfer case shifter from inside the cab. Grab a pan or bucket and place it under the transfer case drain plug. BW. Transfer the ring gear and install new bearings. Here is the NP241DHD transfer case. Remove the 4 nuts holding down the T-Case shift lever. Press the ends of the propeller shaft to disconnect it from the differential and from the transfer case. Unbolt the transfer case from the transmission adapter and remove it. Notably it isn’t autotrac or all-wheel drive, it is simply a push button activated transfer case with 2HI, 4HI and 4LOW. Again, lower the TC, transmission, and engine a bit further and . You must be registered for see images attach. We removed the two bolts from the top by using extensions and wobbles and a standard 17mm socket from the passenger wheel well. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+. Using the ratchet with T30 Torx bit, remove all the bolts holding the transmission pan onto the transmission case. The motor will still be tethered to the vehicle by speed sensor wires. *. Remove the cover and fill the transmission from here. Install the . • First remove red locking tab. Any suggestions how I can pop free the rod so I can install the drop bracket and relocate the . I need a new transfer case. (Figure 1) 4. Hey guys, this is Matt with the YouTube channel Bleepin Jeep. 9. Mercedes Transfer Cases and the ATF (Automatic Transfer Fluid) is often overlooked in regular service. Support transmission with jack stand. All parts have been tested before removal and are OEM quality unless otherwise noted. Search in MERCEDES-BENZ E320CDI 2005 W211 Owner's Manual online. Disconnect the connector. Took the rear drive shaft off due to other issues. MERCEDES-BENZ E350 2006 W211 Owner's Manual PDF Download. lbs. 2. If the transfer-case shifter arms are already removed proceed to step D5. 01-06-2017, 01:49 PM. The Transfer Case Store is the industry leader for transfer cases. Here's a quick tip that may help you remove the transfer case from your Mercedes GL/ML. I like to do transmission work after the car has been sitting overnight in order to avoid the incessant dripping of ATF that makes the job overly messy. 99+$75. This unit can have issues with premature chain failure, caused by running the Suzuki transfer case on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt, Run 4WD only on loose dirt, snow, mud, sand or grass as the different wheel speeds in turns can put excessive torque loads on chain and sprockets. With the six nuts off, the transfer case slides easily off the transmission. I was about to cancel my order with gmpartsdirect, but I saw that they only carry 06-07 and not for the *alpha*. If you have a front slip . Step 4 – Remove the transmission pan. 8. 1) remove these two bolts (the other bolt is on the left side of the picture peeking out from behind the trans mount) 2) jack the t-case up just enough to fit a wrench in their (2-3 inches) 3) get a 15mm 12point wrench & remove nut, then set the case back down on the mount and finish removing the nuts and remove the transfer case. Suzuki Transfer Case Issues. Because of being designed a cloud-based device, an internet connection is required while running a diagnosis. Search in MERCEDES-BENZ E350 2006 W211 Owner's Manual online. 33 MB. Today, we're doing a DIY and Drive . Raise the vehicle. Remove entire tail housing (tap with a rubber mallet to loosen, if necessary). The Chevy has an NP241C and the GMC a NP243C transfer case. Remove the four 14mm nuts and bolts that attach the driveshaft to the transfer . So, the question is. No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. info is the largest online database of car user manuals. Automatic Transmission w/Transfer Case 722. In our case the tab is broken so we had to push down on it to remove the transmission dipstick tube cover. This is the ORIGINAL Gear Drive Transfer Case Bible created by Marlin Crawler back in the 90s. 10-P-1008-01C Bolt, vibration damper to transfer case Nm 20 Transfer case complete Number Designation Model Model Transfer case : found the drain plug, on the bottom and facing towards the rear bumper. The NP231 case, like the 207, is a found in S-series vehicle applications. Replace transfer case, for model: • 203, refer to WIS: AR28. 9 Transmission Service Procedure. We stock a large variety of pro grade remanufactured transfer cases, including Chevy, Dodge, GM, Ford, Jeep and Hummer. Crack open the fill plug and then remove the drain plug, catching as much of the old fluid as possible to dispose of it safely. It is best to measure the oil transmission fluid in and empty container and fill with the same amount of new fluid. Slide under the vehicle and locate the transfer case output shaft. Drain transfer case. My $. This unit is a chain driven front output, The NP 241 is a part-time transfer case and is manual shifted. We could only remove that nut using a 17mm flex ratcheting combination wrench from under the vehicle by reaching up. 2006 Mercury Mariner. It is made of steel tubing welded to steel flanges. Do this on the other side as well and turn out the stock diff. Install the transfer case-(2) to the transaxle. It's engaged all of the time, no exceptions and can not be disabled. NP241DHD Teardown and Rebuild. This allowed me to rotate the front yoke and make the input splines turn to line them up. About the NP263-XHD The 263XHD is an extra heavy-duty transfer case for 2000-2007 Chevrolet and GMC 2500HD . Unbolt the drive shafts. w211 transfer case removal

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